Backloading deliveries can help you save transport costs by having your goods picked up by a nearby truck that has just finished a delivery. If you want to save transport costs, Kenny B can offer you a reliable backloading service.

We organise freight between destinations on a regular schedule and by special request. Kindly contact us via phone for rates and availability.

What is Backloading?

Freight and courier companies can save time and reduce your transport cost by offering backloading services when there’s an extra space in a truck or when a truck is returning home after doing deliveries.If you have goods that need to be picked up and your schedule is flexible you only pay for the space used for that one trip, which is much cheaper than hiring a full transport service or paying for travel both ways.

Why is Backloading Important?

With backloading,you can save by paying only for the space that your goods occupied for a one-way trip which saves you and the freight company by saving employee and fuel costs. This is also helpful for our environment because there will be fewer trucks travelling the roads and less environmental impact.

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